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Your home can be your castle... even if it's just for a weekend! Or have a share in it forever. Castle McKenzie, situated on a gated 10.57 acres of rolling lawn and woods in the beautiful Smoky Mountains of Murphy, NC can be yours. We are working on what is called a fractional ownership program. A very few will have the opportunity to purchase a "Key to the Castle" and will share in the ownership of Castle McKenzie and all of the benefits of ownership. This is not a time-share scheme, but a deeded partial ownership program that will enable us to complete the main castle and share the ownership with a lucky few co-owners. More later... 

Now... more about the castle...

We are so happy to inform our many past guests that we are now offering our little castle as a vacation rental again. We hope to complete the lower level of the castle by the end of the year. The new lower level will include a Home Theater, Recreation Room, a Den, bedroom or "Dungeon", and a Scottish Pub bar area in the lower turret level. Outside access to the lower level is over the moat via a small wooden bridge. There is a powder room, storage rooms, and will include a full bath and laundry facilities downstairs as well. Hand-made concrete tiles cover much of the lower level floor. It is the same tile that is in the kitchen and dining area upstairs. 

Drawings and a layout for the Laird and Lady's castle addition are elsewhere on this website. A professionally drawn artist's rendition by Murphy artist Betsy Henn of the castle with the "some day" to be completed addition, is available elsewhere on the website as well. Click on the "Castle Addition" link to view the drawing.
Sooo... welcome to our Castle McKenzie website. Explore and enjoy. There is something here for everyone... even if you're not Scottish. Much of the content of the website is as it was before when we were renting the castle.  I've kept it that way mainly for informational purposes, so please excuse any old references. Be sure to check out the past "Guest Comments" page... you'll love it.  It will give you a feel for the experiences of some of our past guests. And be sure to view the Guest Photos on our Castle Tour. This is the only castle for rent in Murphy, NC... or for that matter the only Smoky Mountain getaway for rent that is a castle.

If you are interested in more information about becoming a "Key to the Castle Holder", be sure to visit our "Key to the Castle" page on this website, and click on the "Information Request Form" below.

Castle McKenzie romantic vacation getaway.
Gates leading to romantic Castle McKenzie vacation .

Castle McKenzie at Tulach Ard

                                          LIVE IN A CASTLE FOR A WEEK-END... A WEEK... OR FOREVER!

 Why stay in a cabin, when you can have your very own private, romantic castle situated on more than ten acres of gated mountain seclusion and privacy?  Created and waiting--- just for you--- and that special someone.

               High Speed Internet - Hot Tub With Mountain View - Hi-Def Flat Screen TV - Total Privacy

Maybe you just need to escape the city? Get away from it all? Clear your head? Maybe it's time to put a little romance back into your relationship? Or start a new relationship! You need to spend some time with a special person, and no one else. Just the two of you... Solitude... Privacy... Intimacy... Seclusion... Passion... Romance! Why not step back to a time when dragons were slain, castles were defended, and romance ruled? A time when knights defended their lady's honor and jousting was the norm.

Why settle for a hum-drum hotel room... with their crowded lobbies and paper-thin walls? Why compromise your privacy... sharing your time and each other with guests of a bed & breakfast? Why settle for a cabin or cottage... when you can have your own intimate, luxurious castle to share with that special someone... and them alone?

The perfect honeymoon, anniversary, or romantic getaway... fit for a king or queen. Make her your Princess. Make him your Prince. Stay in the totally private and luxurious Guest Wing of the Castle McKenzie at Tulach Ard... the "high ground" of Scottish Woods in Murphy, North Carolina. Picture yourself in the hot tub under the turret roof... enjoying the mountain view... Just the two of you.


After exploring our nature trails, shopping, or after visiting the many local shops and activities in and around Murphy, NC and Blairsville, GA... it's time to return to your castle to relax. Or... maybe you are just arriving for your castle stay and need to unwind a bit after your drive? In any case... it's hot tub time.

You'll love soaking in your private, outdoor hot tub, atop the castle turret. Once you are totally relaxed and feeling really pampered, it's time to dry off with our thirsty cotton bath towels. Wrap yourself in the terrycloth bathrobes provided to our guests, and enter your suite through one of the three sets of French doors leading from the castle terrace. Turn on the stereo, light a few candles, and if it's cold outside, cuddle in front of the fireplace with that special someone, as you share a bottle of Champagne or wine. From there, the evening should only get better.

And in the morning... As Lady Pillsbury once said, "nothing says lovin' like something from the oven". Surprise your special person with breakfast in bed... made by you in the fully-equipped kitchen. You will find everything you might need... from wine glasses, to an ice cream scoop, to a fully-stocked spice rack.

And what lies ahead after you've enjoyed a leisurely breakfast together... Relax in a rocker on your private terrace over-looking the hills, gardens, and Brave Heart Pond. Read a book. Soak in the master-bath Jacuzzi tub. Play a game of cards, chess, or other board game. Take a walk on the nature trail.

Spend some "private time" sitting down beside "Brave Heart Pond". Try counting the many gold fish and koi. Or... just listen to the birds, bees, and, to borrow a tune title from Simon and Garfunkel, "the sound of silence". And maybe, if you listen really hard... and have a good imagination... you might hear a distant piper playing a favorite tune on his bagpipes.
And to help you get into the Scottish Woods mood... each guest receives a free compact disc on which we've recorded some of our favorite Celtic music to enjoy while you're here. And if you like it... take it home with you as a memento of your stay at the castle... with our compliments.

We respect the privacy of our guests. And our gated entry guarantees seclusion and protection from the outside world. Yet the castle is only 12 miles from the Super Wal-Mart in Murphy, NC. And other food stores and restaurants are even closer. Check out our "LINKS" page for other things to do.

To check availability, order gift certificates, or to make a reservation now... phone 828-557-1999... or email us!

Romantic mountain view from the hot tub.

  The Castle guest suite living room          Gated entrance to Castle McKenzie property           Our "wee" moat and drawbridge

Romantic Castle McKenzie Vacation Getaway in the Mountains of Murphy, NC. 

Like Scottish music?
Turn up your volume.

A Tribute to our Chocolate Lab, Maggie McKenzie of the Woods

Castle McKenzie Braveheart Pond in Autumn.
Castle McKenzie Braveheart Pond in Winter.
Castle McKenzie Braveheart Pond in the Summer

The view of "Braveheart Pond" from turret is wonderful, Spring/Summer, Autumn and Winter.

Interested in making stone and tile like that in Castle McKenzie?  Click the above links.

Phone: 828-557-1999

Email: Lorraine@Oldeworld.com

Tulach Ard means, "the high hill" in Gaelic. It was also the Clan MacKenzie war cry, and a mountain in the MacKenzie heartland of Kintail.